Commited and involved

Article published in ECSSA Newsletter, June 2016.

A few years ago, “committed and involved” was one of the definitions that many professionals used when defining their connection to the project for which they rendered their services.

It was more usual to spend a considerable period of time in one company, and the career plans were for the long term. An average of 5 years of stay in a company was a reasonable period. The feeling of belonging was considered as an important value.

Times have changed, individual values too, and business mentality is probably not the same. Nevertheless, I wonder how a professional can present a CV with an average change of company every year, and argue at the same time that the project is the most important for him/her. Certainly, circumstances may vary by country, activity sector and age range, but in any case, the phenomenon is becoming more widespread.

In the technological sector, for example, professionals receive offers every day from different companies, and they move from one job to another more than was normal in the past, leading to career paths that only at the beginning of the decade would have been considered at least as a “sign of alarm”. Demand in the labour market is so strong that selection criteria have had to be adapted and/or modified (i.e. lowered). I think that the human factor must remain a basic element in the hiring process. Based only on knowledge, experience and education it makes it difficult for us to put forward valuable candidates that also “fit” with the culture, personality and ideas of the company.

I have always thought that although society adapts to the needs of the moment, there are pillars that must remain. Knowledge is acquired, but the personal characteristics of the human being are what they are.

Author: Joaquim Català.

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