Spain R&S companies back to pre-crisis levels

On a quarterly basis, the European Confederation of Search & Selection Association (ECSSA) publishes a newsletter describing the current state of the HR market in each partner country. Each country reviews aspects of market perception, economy, trends and other items related to recruitment and its business. According to our president, Xavier Marques, this is his analysis of the situation of the Spanish market:

During the last crisis, which was especially severe in Spain between 2008 and 2014, Search and Selection Companies hardly reduced their activity. Certainly, many companies disappeared from the industry in this period, but the most solid and/or with history survived, while adjusting their team.
After the economic recession, the demand situation has returned to normal. However, new actors working with success fee have appeared and grown during these years. Moreover, search tools like LinkedIn have been introduced directly into client companies, which reduces our service and figures. Nevertheless, current GDP growth rates in Spain are above 3%, and the demand for personnel grows at a pace that has resituated our industry in the right way and in figures prior to 2007, with prices reduced but with important volumes and increasing assignments.

Author: Mr. Xavier Marqués (Associate in BLC Executive Search & Selection – ByS President)


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