The increasing importance of the Human Resources Manager in the future

Ernesto Poveda member of ByS reflects in this article the importance of Human Resources for the future. The article is part of the ECSSA newsletter. If you want to know more about the ByS Association, please write us.

In this last decade, which has been one of the hardest that the European nations have gone through, especially in Spain, and specifically in relation to Spain, I would like to make some comments based on our own personal and professional experiences together with the data collected through our studies and reports from the last few years. I hope these comments might be of some use to our own professional group and we would be grateful for any comeback from you.

In these difficult, complex, constantly changing conditions, from 2007 Spain has suffered the worst economic recession ever known. Just as an example we would like to point out that only in salary retribution we have measured decreases of 25-30% in the grand majority of work posts at all levels. Moreover, we must point out significant social and labour law changes as have never been seen before.

All of which has obliged companies to reconsider their structural organizations to ensure their continuity and sustainability.The members of managerial teams have gone through important transformations to adapt knowledge and competencies along with the essential updating of technological know-how. However, if one particular post has needed a significant, superior effort, it is that of the Human Resources Manager, who has had to make adjustments not only to the number and cost of personnel but also to their work conditions.

Society as a whole owes enormous recognition to this New Human Resources Manager, his manifest professionalism and a spirit of sacrifice which has been little comprehended in a climate where directors and staff are measured only by their contribution to EBIDTA, quite forgetting that all of this has been made possible among other things by the retention of talent, motivation of staff and innovation in labour relations. We seem to forget that if we have advanced and progressed as a civilized society, it has been by using values and principles that are curiously rarely applied in business. My thanks to those great professionals who have understood and managed these situations and who are helping to improve our future business expectations. A final thanks to those organizations which are incorporating these persons in their ranks. Most of the above reflections are deduced from our recent 2016 Study about Human Resources Departments in Spain which are at your disposal upon request.

Ernesto Poveda Pérez. ICSA Grupo.

Member of Asociación de Empresas de Búsqueda y Selección de Personal. Spain

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